"There is a crack in everything, That's how the light gets in"

Anthem, Leonard Cohen

If you are interested to place and treat your physical and mental health in a more comprehensive spiritual context, I am happy to make my experience, knowledge and skills available to you and to anyone who has questions about his or her health or life.

This may concern physical or psychological problems, psychosomatic complaints, or questions of life. Together we can look for new possibilities, new options. As a diagnostic tool, if necessary, I use cardiac auscultation, as developed by the Swiss anthroposophic doctor Kaspar Appenzeller (1927-1999).  The outcome may be anthroposophical medication, but also other treatments are possible, such as rhythmic massage, eurythmy therapy, music therapy or art therapy are possible. All these are given in ‘t Waag, among other places.

Even if a treatment should already be in progress, it is possible to look at it from the above-mentioned points of view, to discover how health and vitality can be further supported.